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Agnes Scott College LJ Community

Its not a girls school without men, it's a Women's College without Boys

Agnes Scott College (Unofficial)
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Agnes Scott College for Women in Decatur, GA
Agnes Scott is a small, liberal arts college for women in metro Atlanta (Decatur). The student body is eclectic and varied. There are no sororities. We're hovering right around 1,000 enrollment. Hopefully the Master Plan of remaking the face of the college will include a new dorm or two.

This is a place where people who are interested in Agnes Scott College or women's colleges in general can gather. You're welcome whether you be an alumna, a prospective, a current student, or simply have some questions.

Please introduce yourself with your year of graduation from ASC, your current level in school, your major (if you know), and any other interesting tidbits such as why you chose ASC.

Included in the interest list of this community are the majors/minors at Agnes Scott, and a list of the academic organizations-- for instance, Psi Chi is the National Psychology Honor Society. Blackfriars is our theater group, and is actually the oldest continuously performing theater group in Atlanta, reaching back to 1915.

Agnes Scott also offers a Master of Arts in Teaching. This program is coed, and you can specialize in teaching Secondary English, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics.

NOTE: There's a new community on LiveJournal for people interested in ANY women's college, or just the concept of all-women education: womenscolleges.

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