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melonaise in agnesscott

I scanned in the class photos from my first and senior years recently: see here. The first year photo was taken in the old amphitheatre, which was filled in so the chapel could be built. The original plans for the chapel included a new outdoor amphitheatre with one of the walls of the chapel forming a center backdrop for the grassy stage, but that didn't happen.

Does ASC still do class photos? Where does everyone gather, if they do?


I'm not sure about senior pictures since I'm only a junior, but we took a class picture freshman year on the steps of the dining hall.
Unless my memory is very fuzzy, my class never did a senior class picture. It would be neat if we did, though.
we didn't. :(
We did our 2006 senior picture on the steps of the dining hall.
We had a senior picture?!?! WHAT!
I *think* that was what that picture was for. I remember, senior year, either right after school started or right before it ended (it was hot outside), "all" of us gathering on the dining hall steps and getting pictures taken. It wasn't very well broadcast and thus, it wasn't something that everyone knew about and attended.
God, I miss Agnes Scott.