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The day the email died

For those affected by the death of Agnes Scott's email server, here's a pro tip for you to prevent future panicking. Forward it to a Gmail account. Any other account that will check mail using POP3 works as well, but to the best of my knowledge your basic Yahoo and Hotmail do not. Therefore, this outline will assume that you are using Gmail.

1. Sign up for a Gmail account if you don't already have one. You can do that here.

2. After the account has been created, sign in.

3. Go to Settings in the upper right corner. Then click Accounts and Settings. Under Check Mail using POP3, click "Add POP3 email account".

4. Enter your ASC email address when the popup window appears. Enter your username (your ASC username) and password (your ASC email password). The POP server and port can be left alone. Now for the fun stuff.

* For the love of all that is holy, leave a copy of the message in your ASC box. Gmail does go down on occasion, you know. The rest are fine left alone if you don't know what they mean; however, if you're an experienced Gmail user, you may wish to tweak these.

5. Click Add Account. Gmail will try to fetch mail from your ASC account. If you were doing this before today, it would take a very long time, especially if you had a lot of mail in your inbox.

Tada! You're finished. You can also send email from Gmail as if it were from your ASC account and even import contacts. It's really easy, and the setting can be accessed from the same Accounts and Settings bar that you used to forward your ASC mail. Don't forget to come back next week. We'll talk about... malware.
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