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water contains hydrogen

sushimustwrite in agnesscott

What majors at ASC are most popular, and some other observations

In a fit of job-searching, boredom, and my own curiosity, I decided to see which majors at ASC are most popular. We have a general idea that, say, English is generally more popular than math, even if the writing center and math learning center are both popular. But how do things really work out? And where does your major stand? Read on.

I looked at the most official sample I could get my hands on: the Class of 2009 commencement program. If you have a copy, take it out and play along. It's not perfect--after all, there are always people with special circumstances, and the sampling isn't random, explaining why some of these numbers surprised me. And as usual, your class may vary. The raw data is here with a list of majors, number of students, and percentage of the class completing said major. (Note: I have no data on what minors were completed.)

First, the Most Popular Majors of ASC's Class of 2009:
1) Psychology (31)
2) History (24)
3) English Lit (17)
4) Three-way tie! Biology, Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology (12)
5) International Relations (10)

Three students majored in political science and history, 2 students majored in history and IR, 1 student majored in IR and political science, 1 student majored in English lit and psychology, 1 student majored in history and English lit. If you were forced to guess a Scottie's major, these guesses would be reasonable ones.

Speaking of double majors, let's look at them. Some double majors that occured more than once include political science/history (3), history/IR (2), and psychology/Africana studies (2). In my opinion, the most interesting are biology/music, classical civilization/philosophy, and economics & organizational management/psychology.

Let's look at some points of interest, or "Sushi rambles on about some observations".

Out of 191 students, two students self-designed a major, both in interdisciplinary fields. (East Asian Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies, respectively.)

There were three astrophysics majors and three math-physics majors, but no physics majors.

Africana studies, economics & organizational management (which replaced the econ and business major), and neuroscience weren't officially offered as majors until after the Class of 2009 entered Agnes Scott but were available in time for people to declare them. The first two picked up in popularity, especially econ.

Judging by the number of majors, the most popular foreign language is French with eight majors.

The class of 2009 apparently like to keep their money and their numbers separate, with only one dual math-economics major and one math/economics double major. Compare this to three math-physics dual majors. (No math/physics double majors, though, because there were no physics majors in the first place.)

None of the astrophysics, chemistry, or creative writing majors had another major.

That's all I have. Cookies for anyone not on my flist who guess my major(s).



woo, east asian studies major! that's me! 8D *beams*

this is quite interesting, actually. i'm not surprised at the amount of psych majors, but i am a little surprised that there weren't more creative writing majors. the lack of physics-only majors is a little curious. i can't really think of a reason why that would be. o.o

that was awesome of you to compile all of this. thanks for sharing! :)

The lack of physics-only majors puzzles me too. Maybe they do it with other disciplines?
Woo Physics major here!
I'm not sure why so few people majored in Physics this past year, but if you look at the majors people are choosing instead you can kind of guess why. For Math-Physics, (this major is mostly math with some Physics) well, if you like Math already, Physics is a really interesting application of it.
And Astrophysics? Well, I mean..that's like Physics...but IN SPACE. That's just damn cool.
These majors overlap a lot anyway, so you take a lot of the same classes that you would take in one of the others.

Also I know you weren't keeping track of Physics minors, but there's a few of those. (One graduated this past year.) And think some people in Chemistry might be minoring in Physics...but I may have just made that up.

I have no idea if any of that made sense. Sorry! :P
This is pretty interesting! Thanks for writing it all up. :-)
Thanks! That's great! :)
yeah, theatre with ... 2.
That surprised me too. For some reason I thought there were more.