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octopedingenue in agnesscott

Revenge for "Revenge of the Nerds"?

Wandering around Wikipedia (as you do), I found the following not-so-nice bit of Agnes Scott trivia in the entry for actress Katie Cassidy:
[Cassidy] was filming scenes at Agnes Scott College for the movie Revenge of the Nerds, but production was halted when the college backed out of its agreement. It eventually stopped the filming and production, and the movie has been canceled.

I don't remember much of the filming that happened while I was there (I was trying to ignore it as much as possible!), but IIRC there was bad blood on the Revenge team's side as well. Does anyone remember what went down, or (for Wikipedia-editing purposes) have any official word either way? I don't want to veer into zomgwikisuppression if what's written is the truth, but random slurs against Agnes make me cranky. I'm going to axe it anyway for being unsourced!
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The rumor I heard is that RotN couldn't get enough funding for the film and had to cancel it. Though I don't have any real sources to back that up. Maybe check out IMDB's forum for the movie? That might have something of interest.

"Filming took place in Atlanta, Georgia at Agnes Scott College, the Georgia State Capitol, and Inman Park.[6] Filming was originally scheduled to take place at Emory College but university officials changed their minds after reading the script.[7]

In November 2006, the film was shelved by Fox Atomic. Producers found it difficult to shoot on the smaller Agnes Scott campus and studio head Peter Rice was disappointed with the dailies.[8]"
Thanks! Maybe whoever wrote the actress's entry was conflating Agnes Scott with Emory?
The rumor I heard at the time was that the production company had pulled out because ASC didn't have a "big campus" feel.
The cited wiki entry above is closer to what we were told at the time. The film ran out of money and they couldn't shoot the scenes they wanted to shoot at Emory, and they felt that Agnes was too small.

Srsly, even if Agnes had "backed out," if the film had financial backing it wouldn't have mattered--they would have just shot at a different location. It's a crock of nothing to think that one location's problems could kill an entire film.