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eleeeeen in agnesscott

Help with my finacial aids

Hi all Scotties,

I'm so happy to be admitted by Agnes Scott this month but was dissappointed to find that I still need about 15k financial aids.
I had an interview with an admission officer and talked with scottie online (chatroom). everything in Agnes Scott fits me pretty well and I really wanna go to Agnes Scott!
I have emailed the admission officer. She told there is a appeal committee in mid-april, in which my individual appeal will be considered.
What do you guys think I should do now? I don't want to just wait for the decision.
I find someone said she was required to write essays about why she want to go to agnes scott and why she need more money.
Do you think I should also write essays like that?
BTW, I'm an international student :)
Thank you SO MUCH!