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hold on magnolia

ditriana in agnesscott


so i just saw president kiss' facebook status message:

"To the Scotties on FB – pls know we are aware that you are concerned about Kim Nolley and Kelly Grant.The college did not accept their resignations. A meeting is scheduled to discuss the issues, with a union rep present. We value and respect all our ...employees. Pls give us some time to try to work this out with the people directly involved in a way that addresses concerns and resolves issues fairly and appropriately."

does anyone in this community want to clue in an out-of-touch alum on what's going on??? i'm so confused/intrigued/worried!


i'm assuming this is related to the living wage campaign?
So far, I've just heard a little bit of information third-hand. Here's what I've found out about it:
To quote Jillian Wells' status updates - "While management has been antagonizing Food Services staff for some time now (posting signage in the break room referring to staff as "whiners" and "retards" for example) this week was the last straw, as management demanded that all staff members' purses be SEARCHED to prevent food theft.

Kelly and Kim were the only dissenters to this measure taking the issue to the ASC Vice President of Finance John Hegman, who then sided with Evans management, condoning a wholesale violation or staff privacy. Understandably frustrated, Kim and Kelly tendered their resignations this afternoon. This is not the fault of any ASC students by any means."
yikes! well, thanks for the information...i'd say 'understandably frustrated' is probably an understatement!
man i hope everything works out...
I just got this email:

Dear Agnes Scott Community,

I want to provide an update on this afternoon’s meeting with Kim Nolley, Kelly Grant, Pete Miller, John Hegman, Karen Gilbert, and Laborers’ International Union Local 515 representative Donald Wongus.

All meeting participants agreed to a brief cooling off period for three individuals: Kelly Grant, Kim Nolley, and Damon Sheppard. They will be paid their usual salaries during this period. The vice presidents and I are continuing to seek a fair and appropriate solution to which all parties can agree.

We understand that many members of our campus community care deeply about this situation, and ask for your patience during this process.

With best wishes,

yeah she just posted that on her fb status too. thanks though!
thank you all for the clarification--here's hoping these ladies (and all the workers) get all that they really deserve out of this. :/
To make a long story short, Ms. Kim and Ms. Kelly resigned Thursday due to harassment from the manger in Evans (the event was sparked by him demanding to search the staff's bags for stolen food Wednesday evening, but there were other incidents). Kim and Kelly refused and went to Pete demanding the manger be fired (he's only been at Agnes six months, they probably have close to twenty years between them), Pete refused and they quit. We students are of course, outraged and organized a rally yesterday to protest (I was sadly unable to attend). Basically Kim and Kelly say they aren't coming back until Damon is fired, and the administration seems to be trying to find a way to bring them back without doing that. So yeah, that's what's going on right now.